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    Avengers Reserves

    Cortex* Character Repository

    Welcome to Avengers Reserves, a repository for Cortex, Cortex Plus and Cortex Prime characters, creatures, vehicles, and settings.

    Status Update: Currently we have templates avaiable for Heroic, Drama, Action (Firefly Style), Cortex (original) and Dragon Brigade Style Characters. We are working on Drama (Smallville), and Action (Leverage) templates, as well as non-character templates.

    Please check out the categories above to see some examples.

    Avengers Reserves is not affiliated with or endorsed by Margaret Weis Productions or Monkey Vacuum Design Studio (The creators of the Cortex, Cortex Plus and Cortex Prime roleplaying systems), nor with the creators or copyright holders of any intellectual property referenced in these humble character sheets. Avengers Reserves does not imply or claim any rights to characters or images derived from copyrighted sources. We receive no profit from our fandom, we just wish to share our love for these settings in a great gaming system, with the hopes that GMs have little trouble bringing these settings to life for their players.