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    Avengers Reserves

    Category:Heroic Roleplay - Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    Here we go, true believers! This is based on the two season animated television series originally aired on Disney XD. We are not affiliated with Marvel, Disney, or MWP in any way. This is purely fan work.

    We'll start by getting a few of the characters up here. Keep in mind, this will represent the characters as they appeared in the series, not in the comics or movies. So, expect some changes.

    So, without further delay, let's start with:

    Prelude Episodes

    Episode 1:

    Iron Man is Born

    A compilation of the micro-series episodes "Iron Man is Born!", "HYDRA Lives", "Behold, the Mandroids!", and "Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D."

    Episode 2:

    Thor the Mighty

    A compilation of the micro-series episodes "Thor the Mighty", "The Siege of Asgard", "My Brother, My Enemy", and "The Isle of Silence".

    Episode 3:

    Hulk Versus the World

    A compilation of the micro-series episodes "The Coming of the Hulk", "Hulk Versus the World", "This Monster, This Hero", and "Beware the Widow's Bite!".

    Episode 4:

    Meet Captain America

    A compilation of the micro-series episodes "Meet Captain America", "The Red Skull Strikes!", "If This Be Doomsday!", and "Lo, There Shall Come a Conqueror".

    Episode 5:

    The Man in the Ant Hill

    A compilation of the micro-series episodes "The Man in the Ant Hill", "Enter the Whirlwind", "The Big House", and "Welcome to Wakanda".

    Regular Episodes

    Episode 6:

    Breakout: Part 1

    Episode 17:

    The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

    Episode 7:

    Breakout: Part 2

    Episode 18:

    Come the Conqueror

    Episode 8:

    Some Assembly Required

    Episode 19:

    The Kang Dynasty

    Episode 9:

    Living Legend

    Episode 20:

    The Casket of Ancient Winters

    Episode 10:

    Everything is Wonderful

    Episode 21:

    Hail, Hydra!

    Episode 11:

    Panther's Quest

    Episode 22:


    Episode 12:

    Gamma World: Part 1

    Episode 23:

    The Ultron Imperative

    Episode 13:

    Gamma World: Part 2

    Episode 24:

    This Hostage Earth

    Episode 14:

    Masters of Evil

    Episode 25:

    The Fall of Asgard

    Episode 15:


    Episode 26:

    A Day Unlike Any Other

    Episode 16:

    Widow's Sting

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