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    Avengers Reserves

    Earths Mightiest Heroes/Baron Von Strucker

    Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker
    GREEN BLACK D8.png
    GREEN BLACK D6.png
    GREEN BLACK D10.png
    Hail Hydra
    Villainous Mastermind
    Power Sets
    Life Leech
    GREEN BLACK D10.png
    Enhanced Strength
    GREEN BLACK D8.png
    Energy Drain. Stress applied to opponent, may be spent to Recover Physical Stress.
    Life Drain. Step up or Double Life Leech for one Action. If that Action fails, Shutdown SATAN CLAW.
    Technological. Shutdown SATAN CLAW versus EMP-based attacks to add d6 to the Doom Pool or Step Up the smallest Doom die.
    Body Armor
    GREEN BLACK D6.png
    GREEN BLACK D6.png
    Skilled Swordsman. Step Up or Double Weapon die against a single opponent. Remove the highest rolling die and use three dice for your total.
    Gear. Shutdown HYDRA GEAR to add a die to the Doom Pool or Step Up the lowest Doom die. Spend a Doom die to Recover.
    Cosmic Master
    GREEN BLACK D10.png
    Covert Expert
    GREEN BLACK D8.png
    Crime Master
    GREEN BLACK D10.png
    Menace Master
    GREEN BLACK D10.png
    Emh Baron Strucker.png

    History: Born in the early 1900s to a noble Prussian family who had relocated to Strucker Castle in Bavaria following the Franco-Prussian War, Wolfgang von Strucker became a Heidelberg fencing champion.

    When World War II started in 1939, Wolfgang von Strucker joined the Axis ranks in their attempt to conquer the world. He became an officer of HYDRA, the branch of the Nazi war machine led by Baron Heinrich Zemo. As a member of HYDRA, Strucker served as a loyal lieutenant to HYDRA's Super Soldier, the infamous Red Skull.

    In 1943, Strucker was stationed in Red Skull's fortress in Norway. When Captain America discovered the location of the fortress, Strucker sent a regiment of HYDRA soldiers to confront him. He fought Captain America and Bucky.

    Despite the defeat of the Axis powers in 1945, HYDRA continued to exist. Over the years, Strucker climbed far up the ranks of HYDRA, even taking control of the organization and claiming the title of Baron when Baron Zemo was imprisoned by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. During one of HYDRA's missions to acquire lost relics of the occult, Strucker came into possession of a gauntlet of immense power, called the Satan Claw. Although it cost Strucker his right arm, the gauntlet gave him the ability to sap another person's life force, absorbing it into himself and thereby keeping himself young and strong.

    Some time before the formation of the Avengers, Strucker was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and imprisoned in the Vault. When Nick Fury arrived to interrogate him about HYDRA's attack on the United Nations, the interrogation was interrupted by the Grim Reaper who infiltrated the prison in a plot to free Strucker. Strucker was freed by Grim Reaper who gave him back his Satan Claw. Baron Strucker and Grim Reaper managed to take one of the hover-cars and take off. Nick Fury battled and defeated both of them, though not before the Baron was able to steal a portion of Fury's youth, graying his hair via the use of his Satan Claw.

    Personality: Strucker is a power-hungry, egomaniac who wants to take over the world and remake it in HYDRA's image. He is willing to do anything to make it possible. He also plans on remaining the head of HYDRA and won't give it up even if the Red Skull or Baron Zemo come back to reclaim it.

    Abilities & Resources: Baron Strucker has no powers but has the abilities of a skilled swordsman. The Satan Claw gives him the ability to absorb the youth and strength of victims though it cost him his right arm. The Baron always carries a pistol and a sharp blade.